Month: December 2020

What’s the Difference Between WiFi Booster, Repeater, and Extender?

To improve the WiFi connection, we have a lot of methods available. With these methods, we usually improve the WiFi speed with ease. Not just that, we are able to increase the range and connectivity quality with ease. Well, not everyone gets benefits from the technical methods to solve the issue. Due to external factors, some people do not find these methods useful. That’s why the experts recommend using physical devices to get the issue fixed.

The most common devices used in improving the WiFi performance is nothing but the WiFi Boosters, WiFi Repeaters, and WiFi Extenders. These three devices work differently and have various uses. But millions of people have no idea about the differences in the WiFi Booster, WiFi Repeater, and WiFi extenders. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to share detailed information about these three devices. Also, you’ll get to know the difference between the WiFi Booster, Repeater, and Extender devices. 

WiFi Booster Vs. WiFi Repeater Vs. WiFi Extender 

How Do WiFi Booster Devices Work?

The WiFi Booster is nothing but a device that connects to your WiFi router and boosts the signal strength. The WiFi Booster works by amplifying the WiFi signals and increases the strength of the same. It connects to the Existing WiFi router with the Ethernet cable and has strong antennas to extend the range as well as Boost the signal. 

The WiFi Boosters are not meant for better speeds but to increase the overall network strength. It also increases the range but will only be suitable if your house is big and the current WiFi router is not good enough to cover the entire house. With the WiFi booster, you can amplify the signals and make them reach even the farthest corners of the house with full strength. 

How Do WiFi Repeater Devices Work?

WiFi Repeater is what the name suggests. These repeater devices re-broadcast the WiFi Signals to increase the strength of the network connection. For the outdoor areas and the places where you won’t get any WiFi coverage, you can use these WiFi repeaters to get a strong WiFi connection. The WiFi Repeater is nothing but the modified Router, which connects to the current router and repeats the same signal multiple times to extend the range and increase the strength of the network. The WiFi Repeater is quite popular for increasing the strength of the WiFi signal in the areas of households and offices. 

The WiFi repeaters are suitable for congested or big offices. If the single WiFi router is not able to cover the entire house or the office, then you can use the WiFi Repeater to repeat the signals and increase the strength to effectively cover the entire area. In short, the WiFi Repeaters are simply the secondary WiFi Routers for boosting the signals. 

How Do WiFi Extenders Work?

WiFi extenders, also known as the WiFi Range extender, are made especially for extending the range of the connection. In the areas of poor coverage, you can use the powerful WiFi extenders without compromising on the internet speed. For the connection, the WiFi range extender uses the Ethernet cable to transmit the signals to the router itself. The secondary WiFi router allows you to increase the overall range and not lose the internet bandwidth speed at all. The WiFi Extenders are very common amongst the corporate spaces and also the public spaces like Restaurants and Hotels. 

Which one is Better? WiFi Booster, WiFi Repeater, or WiFi Extender? 

The use of these three devices depends on your requirements. The WiFi Booster is made for the weak WiFI routers, which don’t have powerful antennas to cover even a small area. The cheap WiFi router will have weak antennas, reducing the network strength and also reducing the internet speed a bit away from the router itself. In such cases, the WiFi booster devices with powerful antennas will help you fix the weak connection strength and speed issues. 

The WiFi Repeaters are made for improving the network connection strength in the big areas. WiFi repeater devices do increase the connection quality in large areas. With the repeaters, you can get a strong signal in one corner, even if the main router is located far away in the other corner or the room. The repeaters may not affect any increase in speed. Sometimes, high signal repetitions may cause internet speed issues. 

The WiFi range extenders are the best ones. The WiFi Range extenders use the Ethernet cables for connection, which helps them retain the bandwidth and also not lose any speed due to signal disturbances. The Extenders are suitable if you have an extra large property like the office space or the bungalow. If you don’t want to compromise on the speed but can handle the hassle of a few cables, then the WiFi range extenders are suitable. 

Note – There are a few devices in the market currently like Range XTD, which can serve all the purposes.

Final Words 

Everyone will have issues with the Internet and WiFi connectivity. Tackling the internet speed issues is the most challenging and frustrating one because you have to bear the slow speeds for a long time. The WiFi connection issues will plague you more than the internet speeds, as the low connection strength will make you feel paralyzed if you move to the other room or away from the router itself. To fix such issues due to external disturbances or the Weak router, you’ll have to use the WiFi Extenders, WiFi Boosters, or the WiFi Repeaters. We’ve tried our best to explain everything about these devices. If you have more doubts, make sure to use the comment box below. …