Month: February 2020

Speakers for Vinyl Recorders

Vinyl recorder is something that is often seen in movies and tv shows. It is often shown in an antique way and had some value in the past few years and has been extremely popular in that time and was owned by multiple and powerful people who can afford that recorder in that time. Vinyl is something that has gained a lot of popularity again in the recent times so in order to make it more vibrant it is available in a lot of new designs and new technology. Therefore one is required to have some great speakers for the Vinyl recorder and not only the recorder has gained so much popularity but also the speakers because having a Vinyl recorder in one’s house is not about affordability any more but about the trend in today’s world. If you are having trouble with the speakers with regard to the recorder, don’t worry! Here is a list of some of the Best Speakers that you might need for your Vinyl Recorders.

Edifier R1280T

These Speakers just like the others have wire connectivity and also has a remote to control. It is like the usual standardised speakers. It definitely produces great sound but the drawback is only for small spaces, like a room or a house but would not be affective for a hall like space. It is very popular because it is not that expensive and can be connected to multiple devices by Bluetooth, not only that it come with a two year warranty. It’s design has also been an eye catchy it’s cabinets are made of medium density fibreboard in an amazing wood finish.

Sony SSCSS 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers

The best thing about these speakers are that they are extremely amazing with regard to their audio quality. It is one of the best audio producing speakers. It can be used in bigger spaces. It has gained so much popularity as speakers because of the fact that it does not fix sounds and has been one of the clear sound producing speakers. It also allows break free sound quality.

Edifier R1700BT

Edifier R1700BT is a bookshelf speaker and are one of the classiest and modern speakers that have been mostly everyone’s favourite by far. These have good looks, good audio quality and importantly that they are the best in terms of Bluetooth. These can get connected to multiple devices without disconnecting and reconnecting. They can be connected with Mobile Bluetooth. The second option is that it has been awarded with the best design by the customers and it’s reviews have also been great. The sound quality has been one of the amazing aspect which has gained so much popularity. The sound is clear and has been amazing in producing is large areas as well along with the small areas. It has four channels of amplifier that is built in. The drawback of these speakers are that Bluetooth connectivity is always on which is quite unfortunate and the only bad feature about these speakers.

Polk Audio T15

They are pretty decent with sound but it has so many drawbacks like you’ll have to invest in an amplifier and a good quality wire to make the speakers work. They are a great and lovely looking speakers and has a great and eye catchy design. One of the best things about these speakers are that they are cost friendly for the user. The only problem about these speakers are that they are a bit bass shy.

Audioengine A5+

The best thing about these speakers are that they don’t require any kind of amplifier and makes it the best for all the music lover and vinyl lovers to enjoy the sound without any additional factor. They are active bookshelf speakers, they have rich sound and produces sound without any interruption. The drawback about these speakers are that they are extremely expensive and has been an amazing speaker for the Vinyl Recorder but because it is so highly expensive it requires someone to buy a speaker like this only if they have a budget of the same.

Micca PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers

The Micca PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers are great speakers for the home use but not for a big area place. They produce a rather clean sound which leads to great sound quality towards the people. They are definitely a light weighed speaker and are easily movable not only that they also very compact. It also has a good and amazing Bass definition. They are also quite active speakers and have a good extended frequency of response range and are available very easily and can get be the best.

Klipsch R-15M

It is a great speaker but have been valued and agreed to be great only for a small or a medium sized room. The only problem with these speakers are that they are not the most user friendly and are quite tough to set up. These speakers are not that expensive but they are not for the beginners and have been the best for a small based room

Finally we have reached at the end of deciding the best speakers for Vinyl recorder. These speakers can be expensive than the regular speakers but it can be your best friend when you choose to have the recorder. Decide your speaker according to your pocket and according to the audio quality.…


List of Top 6 Metronomes of 2020

A metronome is a device that helps the artist to keep steady time while practicing music. It is generally used to keep a steady tempo of the song and avoid it to sound too rushed or too slow. It beeps or clicks to indicate the rate and helps the musician to play along with the tempo.

Metronomes indicate tempo at the rate of Beats per Minute or BPM. 60 BPM is one beat per second which is quite slow while 240 BPM or 4 beats per minute is considered fast.

Here is a list of the top 6 metronomes to help to choose the one according to your requirements:

Boss BD-90 Talking Dr. Beat Metronome:


The range of beats indication of this metronome is 30-250 BPM. The constant tick-tock could get very stressful after a while so it comes with a very special feature of the human voice assistance. It has a microphone plug so that you could plug in your headphones and practice your music without bothering neighbors.

It has memory storage of 50 metronomes and 10 reference tone slots. It is quite multifunctional as it can be plugged in to many electronic instruments.


  • Three different click sounds for differentiation
  • Human voice count feature
  • Multifunctional
  • Drum machine beats available


  • Needs a 9 V power supply
  • The stand of the metronome is not much durable

Wittner 836 Taktell Piccolo:


If you are old school and are looking for something classic, then your search might end here. It does not require any battery or other digital stuff. All you need to do is to wind it up to the key you are practicing and that’s it! Let the arm swing back and forth to indicate the rate. The metronome does not come with a tone of the downbeat so it must be handled by a well-experienced music artist who does not need a sound indication for downbeat.


  • Classic metronome
  • No need of batteries
  • Attractive by looks
  • Small and easy to carry


  • Hard to differentiate between downbeats as it has no indication for them
  • Not suitable for beginners

Seiko SQ50-V Quartz Metronome:


If you don’t want to spend too much on another music accessory and want something simple and efficient which just fulfils its purpose, this Seiko SQ50-V Quartz is the ideal choice for you. This metronome consists of a large LED light that blinks to indicate the rate of tempo. It has two different click sounds for both upbeat and downbeat which makes it suitable for beginners. It also has a microphone slot which that will allow you to plug in your earphones.


  • Affordable price
  • Two click sounds for better accessibility.
  • Compact in nature
  • Basic metronome ideal for occasional use


  • Microphone slot only support mono, i.e., sound will come out of only 1 earphone.
  • Not for someone who uses a metronome on a frequent basis.

Korg TM60BK Metronome:

The Korg series is one of the most popular metronomes. It is designed to be used as a metronome as well as a tuner. The updated version TM60BK is much better than the previous variants. A significant change can be observed in the battery life of the new model. A stand and new battery compartment is also added to the enhanced version.


Its large backlit display for better visibility adds up to its various features. The metronome can indicate tempo range from 30 to 252 BPM. The memory backup of this Korg Metronome is also very good.


  • A large backlit display
  • Serves the purpose of both metronome and tuner
  • Excellent battery life
  • Auto-power off function
  • Convenient memory backup


  • The tuner mode might not be easy to understand for beginners.

Matrix Tuner (MR600):

If you are looking for a metronome with a dial, this one is for you. Matrix Turner MR600 comes with a wheel-style dial. You just have to rotate the dial to the desired tempo and that’s it! With LED indicators, two kinds of sound and microphone plug-in slot, it becomes more accessible for beginners.


  • Battery operated
  • Easy to transport
  • Comes with a A440 reference pitch



  • No additional features other than the basic metronome feature of indicating tempo.
  • The count range of MR600 is 40-216 BPM which is lower than other metronomes on the list.

Wittner Tuner 813M:


If you are looking for a classy Metronome, then look no further. Wittner tuner 813M is made up of walnut colored wood which makes it durable and classy. The product is genuine and well-tested during manufacturing. Hence, the chances of it being faulty are meager. This metronome, though traditional in appearance does not weigh more than a pound.


  • Classy appearance
  • Light-weight
  • Durable


  • It does not support digital features because if it being a mechanical metronome.
  • Not as accurate as electrical metronome
  • Contains a lot of mechanical parts which increases the chance of breakage.


Looking at these items, you have to consider which the best metronome is for you. We recognize that customer has different needs, which ensures that options across the board vary. So, compare the items and choose your best instrument accordingly.…

List of Best Concert Ukuleles of 2020:

A “concert” ukulele is one of the most popular ukuleles. The size of a concert ukulele is smaller than tenor and baritone. They are more like soprano ukuleles, but larger in size. Hence, a typical ukulele lies between 15-18 inches.

Here, in this article you will be able to check some of the top concert ukuleles:

Kala 1KOA-C Elite Concert Ukulele:


Kala is the most renowned brand of ukuleles for good reasons. 1KOA-C is the best sounding and durable ukulele of Kala’s stock. The uke is crafted by a traditional Koa top, back and sides. But the neck is made of Honduran Mahogany. Its fluorocarbon strings resonate to form beautiful melodies. The 1KOA-C uke won’t go out of tune for weeks because of its premium quality tuners that come pre-stringed in the uke.


  • Excellent quality sound and performance
  • Beautiful Koa and Mahogany build
  • Custom-made Fluorocarbon Strings for better resonating


  • Steep price
  • Not as appealing as other ukuleles in looks

Martin C1K Concert Ukulele:


The C1K is built of all top, back and sides of solid Hawaiian Koa. C1K, Martin’s one of the finest ukuleles are finished with high quality satin lacquer. The concert uke also features a dovetail and neck joint.

It happens to have a flawless intonation. A set of open-geared tuning machines which are pleated with nickel plating, easily release tension created while strumming the strings. It comes with pre-strung Martin M600 strings which are durable in nature.


  • Outstanding satin finish
  • Exquisite select tone-woods
  • good quality reverb and sound


  • People faced problems with machine heads but the intonation is reported to be good.

Cordoba 15 cm Concert Ukulele:


Another uke with mahogany build is exceptionally beautiful in all aspects. The abalone details on this Cordoba Uke just add up to its beauty and elegance. Its back, top and sides all are made of mahogany which gives it its characteristic rich, full and warm strums.

To keep the retro vibe alive, this uke is made entirely by handcrafting.

The strings in Cordoba Uke are made of Nylon. Though, it begins to hurt the fingers after a while because of the lower frets, but the lower frets make it sound way better than other ukuleles.


  • Attractive appeal
  • Low frets for a better sound quality
  • Rosewood fret-board
  • Mahogany build for warm tones


  • Makes fingers hurt due to wrongly filed frets

Lanikai LU-21C Concert Ukulele:

Lanikai LU-21C Concert Ukulele Bundle

This ukulele is probably the best option to go with for a beginner. It is more like a bundle uke which contains everything a beginner could ask for. It comes with a gig bag, a tuner and many more features. It is quite affordable but still looks are not compromised. It is made of Nato on all back, top and sides and the fret-board is made up of rosewood.

The sound quality is very pleasant regardless of its different build. It comes strung with Aquila strings. They are known to be durable and stay in tune for a long time.


  • Affordable price
  • Apt for beginners
  • Aquila strings
  • Comes with a gig bag and geared tuner


  • Some of the frets are sharp and needs to be filed before usage to avoid hurting your fingers.

Kmise UK-24 Solid Spruce Ukulele:

It is one of the best and rarest semi-electric ukuleles given the price range. It is apt for someone who wants to get familiar with this line of instruments.


It is surprisingly very good sounding and durable for the price it possess. It has a beautiful flowery pattern on the top of it which makes it quite attractive. The strings of the uke are Aquila strings which sound good and are also durable in nature.


  • Available in different variants
  • Very reasonable price
  • Good for beginners
  • Good quality material
  • Appealing looks


  • Mediocre performance. Not as good as other medium and high-end ukuleles,
  • Mediocre durability.

Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert Ukulele:

This ukulele is almost entirely made of Hawaiian Koa which gives it its characteristic warm strums. Its binding and rosette are made up of abalone, which is also a good quality material.

The usage of Aquila strings helps it to be on the good-quality uke list. It sound more mellow than other concert ukes but it still sounds pleasant. It is heavy in weight due to its Hawaiian built but it is also said to be balanced.


The frets of this ukulele are well filed during the manufacturing which makes it easy to use and it does not hurt your fingers. This Oscar Schmidt also comes with a Grove Chrome tuner.


  • Good looks
  • Fully Hawaiian Koa body
  • Aquila strings
  • Well-filed frets
  • This ukulele is almost entirely made of Hawaiian Koa.
  • Comes with a Grover Chrome Tuner


  • Does not have a very loud sound

Electric Vs Manual Can Openers

When storing food got tough, then emerged the need for cans. Many people deal with cans in their way but your teeth are not can openers neither are your fingers.

Opening cans by your teeth or fingers can hurt you and cut you deeply. Can openers are finger savers and teeth saver to a certain extent. Today the use of can openers is worldwide and it makes popping a can or bottles a lot more easily.


Broadly, there are two types of can openers found in the market, Manual can openers and electric can openers.

Manual can openers are the openers that are found in most of the houses. It is a tool that pops the lids off. Electric can openers are new and still haven’t received a lot of knowledge from many people.

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Here are some differences between Manual Can Openers and Electric Can Openers to help you choose the one that is ideal for you:

  1. Application: It is understood that when it comes to the applicability, electric can openers are going to win the race almost every time. A very obvious reason, because you don’t have to put in any effort, it is all done by the machine. Manual can openers require efforts by the person; they don’t work on their own.
  2. Technical: Manual can openers are easier to use, provided you have the required strength for the particular can. Electric can openers may be of great help, but there are buttons that you have to press. It might seem a little complicated in the beginning but with continuous use, it’ll become handy.
  3. Type of can: Electric cans cannot open heavy cans or cans with uneven shapes. They’re fit for the regular cans. Manual can openers go all the way up here since these are put to use by self it requires they can be turned and twisted in accordance with the shape of the cans.
  4. Durability: Manual can openers are more durable than electric can openers and there is no doubt about it. Electric can openers are like machines, these are bound to perish someday or the other. Manual can openers are like a tool, which might get rusted over time, but are not perishable.
  5. Constancy: Electric can openers cannot be trusted with all the cans and their different sizes. Electric can openers include mechanical components inside making them very delicate. On the other hand, manual can openers can handle a higher number of uses with very fewer chances of breaking.
  6. Power: Electric can openers need to be charged else they will remain dead. Manual can opens need not be charged since it’s a tool, not a machine. In case you are out for a picnic or any other activity, manual openers may lose out.
  7. Convenience: Electric can openers are very convenient to use and need no effort at all. These openers make a grip on the can and remove the lid for you. There is nothing that one has to do, other than pressing a few buttons. Manual can openers don’t share the same advantages.
  8. Caution: One can toss, wash, scrub, play with a manual can opener, but not the same in case of electric can openers. These can openers need a lot of care; its elements are sensitive and can be damaged easily.
  9. Price: The electric can openers cost more than the manual can openers. Its technical components make it more expensive. All services are charged for thereby, the relaxation it gives to the human body that is saving us from putting efforts, is taxed for.

Facts about can openers

  1. Cans developed when the storage of food became difficult, like in the mid-1700s and became popular by the 1800s. A little odd because of the heavy metal, mainly iron that was used to make it. Overtime its material, shape, and size improved.
  2. Can openers did not develop immediately after the development of cans. It developed after 48 years! Before that other objects were used in place of can openers.
  3. Previously designed can openers were very dangerous to use, later with the advancement of technology it was sorted by an advanced design., making it safe to use.
  4. Later in time, can openers replaced the sharp objects that were used to open the cans. Objects like the hammer, gouge or nails were put aside when can openers clogged the market.
  5. As mentioned above, can openers are tools, primarily used to pop cans, usually in a situation like the food industry and households.
  6. ‘Can openers’ are also popularly known as ‘tin openers’, and are usually made of metal where the holder might be plastic or stainless metal, but the cutter is metal.
  7. The cutter is shaped like a knife and is very sharp. The pointed part is attached strongly to a plastic or metal holder.
  8. Today, the use of can opener has become less because many cans come with pullable lids that don’t require any special tool. Like those found in pineapple, cherry or coke cans.


After going through the purposes mentioned above, one can choose their type of can openers. Where it may seem that manual can opener have a lot more advantages at cheaper rates, without it also depends on the level of comfort that one needs. That would make the difference and choice clearer. Other determinants like price, usability, etc. are of importance as well.…