Electric Vs Manual Can Openers


Electric Vs Manual Can Openers

When storing food got tough, then emerged the need for cans. Many people deal with cans in their way but your teeth are not can openers neither are your fingers.

Opening cans by your teeth or fingers can hurt you and cut you deeply. Can openers are finger savers and teeth saver to a certain extent. Today the use of can openers is worldwide and it makes popping a can or bottles a lot more easily.


Broadly, there are two types of can openers found in the market, Manual can openers and electric can openers.

Manual can openers are the openers that are found in most of the houses. It is a tool that pops the lids off. Electric can openers are new and still haven’t received a lot of knowledge from many people.

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Here are some differences between Manual Can Openers and Electric Can Openers to help you choose the one that is ideal for you:

  1. Application: It is understood that when it comes to the applicability, electric can openers are going to win the race almost every time. A very obvious reason, because you don’t have to put in any effort, it is all done by the machine. Manual can openers require efforts by the person; they don’t work on their own.
  2. Technical: Manual can openers are easier to use, provided you have the required strength for the particular can. Electric can openers may be of great help, but there are buttons that you have to press. It might seem a little complicated in the beginning but with continuous use, it’ll become handy.
  3. Type of can: Electric cans cannot open heavy cans or cans with uneven shapes. They’re fit for the regular cans. Manual can openers go all the way up here since these are put to use by self it requires they can be turned and twisted in accordance with the shape of the cans.
  4. Durability: Manual can openers are more durable than electric can openers and there is no doubt about it. Electric can openers are like machines, these are bound to perish someday or the other. Manual can openers are like a tool, which might get rusted over time, but are not perishable.
  5. Constancy: Electric can openers cannot be trusted with all the cans and their different sizes. Electric can openers include mechanical components inside making them very delicate. On the other hand, manual can openers can handle a higher number of uses with very fewer chances of breaking.
  6. Power: Electric can openers need to be charged else they will remain dead. Manual can opens need not be charged since it’s a tool, not a machine. In case you are out for a picnic or any other activity, manual openers may lose out.
  7. Convenience: Electric can openers are very convenient to use and need no effort at all. These openers make a grip on the can and remove the lid for you. There is nothing that one has to do, other than pressing a few buttons. Manual can openers don’t share the same advantages.
  8. Caution: One can toss, wash, scrub, play with a manual can opener, but not the same in case of electric can openers. These can openers need a lot of care; its elements are sensitive and can be damaged easily.
  9. Price: The electric can openers cost more than the manual can openers. Its technical components make it more expensive. All services are charged for thereby, the relaxation it gives to the human body that is saving us from putting efforts, is taxed for.

Facts about can openers

  1. Cans developed when the storage of food became difficult, like in the mid-1700s and became popular by the 1800s. A little odd because of the heavy metal, mainly iron that was used to make it. Overtime its material, shape, and size improved.
  2. Can openers did not develop immediately after the development of cans. It developed after 48 years! Before that other objects were used in place of can openers.
  3. Previously designed can openers were very dangerous to use, later with the advancement of technology it was sorted by an advanced design., making it safe to use.
  4. Later in time, can openers replaced the sharp objects that were used to open the cans. Objects like the hammer, gouge or nails were put aside when can openers clogged the market.
  5. As mentioned above, can openers are tools, primarily used to pop cans, usually in a situation like the food industry and households.
  6. ‘Can openers’ are also popularly known as ‘tin openers’, and are usually made of metal where the holder might be plastic or stainless metal, but the cutter is metal.
  7. The cutter is shaped like a knife and is very sharp. The pointed part is attached strongly to a plastic or metal holder.
  8. Today, the use of can opener has become less because many cans come with pullable lids that don’t require any special tool. Like those found in pineapple, cherry or coke cans.


After going through the purposes mentioned above, one can choose their type of can openers. Where it may seem that manual can opener have a lot more advantages at cheaper rates, without it also depends on the level of comfort that one needs. That would make the difference and choice clearer. Other determinants like price, usability, etc. are of importance as well.

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